Misty Morning | Autumn


There's no season I love more than Autumn. The fashion, berry lips, woolly jumpers; being surrounded by flourishes of amber and auburn as you stroll down the street.
Getting cosy and watching your favourite Halloween movies (Hocus Pocus comes to mind), living in fluffy socks and eating/drinking anything that tastes like pumpkin.
Bonfires and toffee apples, watching fireworks on a cold night; you cant beat it.
Not forgetting Halloween itself and getting to plan the most awesome costume (even if you do just end up lounging on the sofa eating junk food and watching Netflix) and watching the scariest films you can find!
When I think of Autumn I always picture sitting in my local coffee shop with a steaming cup of goodness whilst having my head buried in my favourite book, occasionally watching the world pass by (so cliché I know).


Get ready for a wave of Autumn themed posts as I'm far too excited!
What's your favourite Halloween Movie?
(All photography by myself)

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