Summer 2015 - Romwe Personal Style Snippet


Were getting further into Summer and the weather is finally matching up to its seasons expectations; and after last weeks generous heatwave, I'm feeling a lot more inspired when it comes to the wardrobe!
So I have put together 10 outfits from Romwe that I adore and that I find describes my personal style, which is so varied and mixed. Some days I like to dress girly and chic then other days I go for the free spirited, bohemian look.
If you haven't come across Romwe before, they are a company that was founded in Nanjing, China on Christmas Eve 2009. Their motto, ''From the catwalk to real world''. And they say that their aim is to bring top fashion into our world, which I think they do amazingly at such an affordable price, you never fail to find a bargain over there and they always have a huge discounted sale all of the time!

Outfit 1 - Top - Skirt
Outfit 2 - Top - Skirt
Outfit 3 - Top - Shorts
Outfit 4 - Top - Shorts
Outfit 5 - Playsuit
Outfit 6 - Top - Skirt
Outfit 7 - Dress/Top - Shorts
Outfit 8 - Top - Shorts
Outfit 9 - Playsuit
Outfit 10 - Twinset

Which outfit is your favourite?

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  1. I love Romwe! I think the eigth outfit is my fave, I actually have that top!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Isn't it just amazing?! The eighth is certainly mine, I love the colors!


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