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A little shopping spree took place in Norwich today and after hours of wandering around (and also cuddling lots of Totoro, Care Bears and My Little Pony plushies) it was time to head home.
I had that feeling where I felt as cute as a button after trying on my new clothes and products *eeeep* so I just have to share them with you!

Starting of with a super cute outfit from Primark, High Waisted Acid Wash Shorts which are so snug and look amazing! I've been looking for some shorts for quite a while now, ones that are high waisted enough and that don't actually show your butt, I have finally found them, and only £10!

I couldn't resist when I saw the Mint Green Knitted Cami, firstly it's my favourite colour and secondly... How cute?! I decided to size up for more of a loose fitting and I'm glad I did, it just looks more effortless which I prefer, and you can't really beat this cute number at £5

Now onto makeup... I've really started getting into MUA (Makeup Academy) so I decided to pick up a few bits from their range of lip products, which are amazing by the way baring in mind how inexpensive they are!!! I grabbed two of their Sweet Lip Sheen Lip Balms in the shades Peach Dream and Rouge Rumba at £2 each and they're so brilliant, they just give that little pop of gentle colour for a natural looking tint and they're so moisturising! I actually meant to buy the shade Cherry Bomb instead of the Rouge, I adore the colour and I have been looking for that particular one for a while, it reminds me of Dr Pepper, a pinky-purple with a brownish undertone, maybe next time I'll grab the right one but either way I love the ones I snapped up.

The Last Lip product is one that I wasn't sure I'd pull off with have quite a pale complexion but I really love it, and that's another from MUA... Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer in the shade Tranquillity, its a nude colour with a slight peachy tone to it which is the perfect Summer lip colour. Oh did I mention its a matt finish? Its the first liquid lipstick I've tried and also the first nude shade I've tried, lets just say I am officially in love with this trend, will definitely be trying the other shades. Also only £3!

Next few products are an undying obsession of mine that I share with thousands of you... LUSHHHHH!
I've been building up a little collection and its getting to the point where I don't want to use anything because I'll have to wait around a year to nab them up again *sadface*. But the urge of making myself smell like something that's drifted down from Heaven always wins.
Twilight Bath Ballistic/Bomb (whatever you wanna' call it), not only THE most whimsical name ever but its looks the part too. I've never actually purchased this before for some reason, but I'm glad I finally have it now, the scent is similar, if not the same as the Luxury Lush Pud from the Christmas Limited Edition and I cant quite describe it myself but its lovely.

New Charity Pot, a cute miniature of the full sized, maybe even an improved recipe, I'm not too sure but OH MY GOODNESS, its worked wonders on my dry patches, especially my face, I no longer get those nasty dry patches that foundations love to cling to. Thank you Kyle for introducing me to this at the Valentines period, I will forever repurchase this £1 pot of wonder!

Last from Lush is the Tea Tree Toner Tab, also £1 and works incredibly when I get pesky breakouts. All you have to do is pop it in a bowl of boiling water, place a towel over your head and keep your face over the bowl, letting the steam open up your pores and let the tea tree oils do their thing. The best part is that you can save the water in a spray bottle and use it as a face mist too!

Finally is an Attack on Titan Poster, just £2.99 from HMV and looks super awesome. If you're wondering what AoT is, its an anime series; and if you're wondering whether you should watch it, YES YOU SHOULD!!!

What are some of your favourite products and pieces of clothing this Summer?

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  1. i've never heard of the toner tab but i have the spray toner and love it!

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

    1. I think they're pretty new but i love them, although im still desperate to try the toner spray too!x


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