Hair Transformation


I used to have colourful and fun hair once upon a time ago (around three years) and I loved it. It took me a while to overcome the fear of other people's opinions and I eventually started playing around a bit more, exploring colours that were way out of my comfort zone!

After a year or two it just became way too much effort so I decided to let it wash out completely then grow out most of the bleach. The neutral hair stayed around for a while then I started to gradually stroll towards the silver spectrum again. I just got so bored of being blonde! 

I headed to Flint Hair in Norwich for the first time for a slight change and Sarah gave me a completely new colour refresh. I slowly started to feel more fun, but after a few months, I wanted more...

Last month I went back to Sarah at Flint and she totally transformed my hair!!!
I was lusting over blunt cuts for so long but I didn't want too much length taken away, and whilst I was there I spontaneously decided to go all out and get a full fringe too. And of course... I needed colour back in my life! 

If you're in the Norwich / Norfolk area and are searching for a salon, get yourself into Flint, such a lovely space, the interior is to die for and the staff are all super duper amazing!

If you could have any hair colour, creative or not, what would it be?

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