Mini Lush Christmas Review


This is a very belated post but I still have quite a bit of Christmas Edition Lush products left and I haven't even done much of a review on any of them. So I thought it was about time I gave you my late opinion on two of my all time favourites... Snow Fairy Shower Gel and Candy Mountain Bubble Bar!

If you know me personally then you are aware of my unhealthy obsession with anything candy themed, from scents to fashion and obviously the real thing (because who doesn't like sweeties?).

Let's begin with Snow Fairy, not only an incredibly cute name, it has an irresistible scent to go with it too! I remember the first time I came across this when I wandered into the Lush Norwich store, the packaging and name just attracted me to the display straight away because I love fairies and its pink... I had a little sniff and I couldn't fathom how amazing it was, literally heaven in a bottle. I instantly thought, "Pear drops!". I couldn't leave without grabbing one!
When it's on the skin it is just another story, it makes my skin feel like satin, I don't have to use a lot because it lathers so well and more importantly... IT MAKES ME SMELL LIKE I GIANT LOLLYPOP!!! I still have a large bottle left because I couldn't wait another year.

Now onto the Candy Mountain, I discovered this at the same time as Snow Fairy and it smells just as amazing, so sweet and honestly, appetising too! The design of it reminded me of Adventure Time, super cute. You don't even have to crumble a lot into your bath because the smallest bit creates so many candy scented bubbles and turns the water an ice pink! Again I still have a full one left, I can't bring myself to use it just yet because it looks too pretty.
Overall; I love these products, two of my favourites along with Northern Lights and Golden Wonder bath ballistics and so many more. I can't wait till the Christmas months so I can repurchase again.

Thank you for reading x

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