Summer Essentials


Summer is creeping upon us and I am more than excited, for the sun and barbecues, long strolls and picnics in the middle of nowhere, the fashion and trips to the beach, I could go on forever!

So now I begin with a few Summer must haves and essentials...

First off is a bikini I picked up from Primark a few days ago, it came to £10 in total and is all black with a layer on the top with a Aztec laser cut out and rose gold detailing on the straps of both the top and bottoms. It's comfortable and also quite flattering on too, I felt more comfortable in it than I expected, which is always a good thing! 

Next is something else I snapped up in Primark as soon as I laid eyes on them. I wasn't sure if I would be able to pull them off but I adore them (still not sure if I pull them off or not), and they were only £3. The infamous large, round lense sunglasses, all black with yet again more rose gold detailing, in love with them! 

If you want to fight the dry and crusty lips that the humidity kindly gifts us with at Summertime then I recommend you grab Maybelline Baby Lips Intense Care, not only does it protect your lips from the sun but it's the most moisturising thing that have ever came into contact with them, and they're only around £2-3.

Onto nails... I'm all about pastel shades when it comes to anything, especially nail polishes, they work so well in the Summer. The two I have chosen are Collection in the shade Field Day which is a lovely pastel peach shade and Maybellines Colorado Show in the shade Love Lillac which is a beautiful marshmallow type, purple, super cute!

Another must have is for when you want beachy, sun kissed hair... Tresemme Texture Style Tousled Wave Spray. Yes abit of a mouthful but works wonders on your hair if you want really undone beachy waves that look effortless but amazing! I love it and it saves me so much time and effort instead of me waving it all with a wand.

The most important is SKIN CARE!!! You dont want to burn to a crisp so get packing on the sun lotion, any kind, any brand... I just use Wilkinsons home brand Skin Therapy lotion SPF 30. Remember, you will still tan, sometimes easier with a little something on, you only get one skin, look after it!!!

Also, yummy summer drinks are a must, for fizzy i love Lilt, so fruity and summery, also ice tea is super refreshing, and water, drink PLENTY of water, stay hydrated!

Stay safe and have fun this Summer lovelies.

Thanks for reading x

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